Agustina Iftariani

Corp. Planning - Strategic Management PT Kawan Lama Sejahtera

Agustina Iftariani is an Electrical Engineer graduated from Gadjah Mada University – Yogyakarta. She took her MBA degree at University of Dallas – United States, majoring in Corporate Finance. Armed with the spirit of “Man/Woman for Others”, she started her career in Kawan Lama Group 23 years ago. Back in 1996, she had been Management Representative (MR), leading ISO9001 and successfully bringing Kawan Lama Sejahtera as the first distribution company ISO9001 certified. She was leading Kawan Lama IT Department for 5 years, in which developing system for startup Ace Hardware Indonesia. She lived within her passion to encourage and
empower others, therefore in 1999 she was honored to lead all Kawan Lama branches operations and proudly grew their revenue by more than 10 time.

In 2012, she handled SAP Implementation as one of Project Management Officer (PMO) in Kawan Lama Group. She started developing Ecommerce for Industrial segment in Kawan Lama Group. She always empowers and encourages the millennial generations to do something in this digital era. She has set up an Ecommerce Company called klikMRO with a new business model in the group. As Director, she groom the Y generation through this company. She always believes by being Man/Woman for Others, as long as she keeps going, sharing, empowering, encouraging, and spreading all her knowledge and experiences, by nature she will always feel more alive and blessed beyond measure.


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