Forstok – Manage your marketplace sales channel under one roof

Gesvyn Tjandra | CEO and Co-Founder

Classroom August 7, 2018 | 14:00 - 14:30 o' clock | Meet Magento 2018 Indonesia » Workshop Room

#1 Multichannel Selling Platform in Indonesia

Forstok is a cloud-based Multi-channel management platform that helps retailers/ Brands automate their multi-channel retail business to boost sales. Forstok helps your business connect directly to key channel partners, improving business efficiency and your bottom line.

Forstok automatically synchronizes inventory, orders, customers and financial data across channels. 1-Click integration to top marketplaces, e-commerce website, payment, shipping, and accounting platform.

Today’s technology and consumer behavior are driving multi-channel growth. Retailers are now forced to expand to additional channels. In Asia, there are over 100 e-commerce marketplaces; to reach these customers, retailers need to add and maintain products, prices, stock and orders across all these sites. But in reality happen is, retailers only choose a few of these marketplaces because a lot of manual work and they leave tons of money on the table.

This evolution increases complexity and costs for retailers, human errors and double selling, resulting in a need for a multi-channel solution that automates their operation. Multi-channel selling & automation is essential for growth. Those selling on multiple channels experience a higher level of growth at 33%, compare to only 8% growth when selling on a single channel.

Forstok significantly alters the distribution supply chain and will change the way your business operates

Why forstok?
1. Centralized Operation – Manage your entire business from one dashboard.
2. Automated Channel Syncing – Inventory, orders and financial data are updated in real-time across channels.
3. Reach more customers – Accelerate growth by selling more products in more channels with ease.
4. Ready to use, performance based pricing – No high upfront cost or licence to purchase. Pay-per-use pricing in a monthly package.

Turbo-boost your sales with Forstok