Thank you for your support. Our event is majority funded by our generous sponsors (80% of the cost is covered by our sponsor) and definitely this is a not-for-profit event 🙂 This year we are targeting about the same amount of audience, so around 300-350 attendees. I hope to close the budget by inviting only around 10 sponsors this year and inviting only relevant sponsors that can both get the benefits and give benefits to the ecosystem.

This year we have generous support from:


1. ICUBE – http://www.icubeonline.com


2. Midtrans – http://www.midtrans.com
3. Biznet GIO – http://www.biznetgiocloud.com/
4. ETP – http://www.etpgroup.com/
5. Emarsys – https://www.emarsys.com/


6. SwiftServe by Conversant – http://www.conversant.com.sg/
7. Nexcess – http://www.nexcess.net
8. Wigzo – https://www.wigzo.com
9. BSS Commerce – https://bsscommerce.com/