Thank you for your interest in supporting us.  Our event is majority funded by our generous sponsors (80% of the cost is covered by our sponsor) and definitely, this is a not-for-profit event 🙂 This year we are targeting around 500 attendees. I hope to close the budget by inviting only around 10-15 sponsors this year and inviting only relevant sponsors that can both get the benefits and give benefits to the ecosystem.

This year we have generous support from:


1. ICUBE – http://www.icubeonline.com

*Sponsors opportunity are still available


2. Midtrans – http://www.midtrans.com
3. Biznet GIO – http://www.biznetgiocloud.com/

*Sponsors opportunity are still available


*Sponsors opportunity are still available

Please contact muliadi@icube.us for sponsorship opportunities or download from this link the sponsorship form.